Public Communications

ongerieditBogita Ongeri, OGW – Head of Public Communications

The Kenya Constitution 2010 provides for Freedom of Expression and Access to Information in Article 33 (1) and 35 (1) respectively. This gives citizens the right to seek, receive or impart information, ideas, artistic creativity and academic research and also the right to access information held by the State. The Supreme Law also calls for the State to publish and publicise any important information affecting the nation. Similarly, the Kenya Vision 2030 identifies communication as one of the ten key flagship projects.

Public Communications Division in the Ministry of Defence is charged with the responsibility of ensuring timely and accurate responses to all enquiries especially from the mainstream media in a bid to portray a positive image of the Ministry. The Division presents the top management’s official position and thoughts in the conduct of public affairs in a manner that helps them advance official government agenda, and achieve the overall goal of the Ministry.

The Core Functions of the Public Communications Division are as follows:

  1. Formulation and implementation of the Ministry’s communication strategy.
  2. Coordination of adverts and media coverage for Ministerial functions and activities.
  3.  Organizing advocacy programmes on TV and mainstream Newspapers.
  4.  Coordination of information updates for the Ministry’s Website.
  5.  Receiving and responding to general and specific enquiries from the media and the public.
  6.  Coordination of production of the Ministry’s official documentaries and magazine.
  7.  Preparation of press statements and media briefings.