Supply Chain Management Services

Mr. Wambaya Kutuyu Head, Supply Chain Management Services            Mr. Wambaya Kutuyu
Head, Supply Chain Management Services

The Division is responsible for overseeing procurement activities in the Ministry and provides secretarial services to the Ministerial Tender Committee (MTC). The Division prepares annual procurement and disposal guidelines, liaises with the treasury, Public Procurement Oversight Authority and the State Law Office on matters related to procurement. The Division also ensures the implementation and enforcement of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005 and Regulation 2006.

The procurement unit’s functions derived from the Public Procurement and Disposal Act and Regulations are as follows:-

  1. Set and enforce procurement standards and guidelines for the Ministry;
  2. Preparation of the civilian annual procurement plan;
  3. Co-ordination of the activities of the Ministerial Tender Committee and Procurement Committee;
  4. Promoting the adherence of procurement practice to the Act and the Regulations.;
  5. Promotion of the adherence to the use of appropriate documentation for all the steps of the complete procurement and disposal cycles, and maintaining a comprehensive record of procurement transactions;
  6. Disposal of unserviceable/ obsolete/surplus stores ensuring value for money is obtained;
  7. Preparation of statutory reports required under the Public Procurement and Disposal Act, the Regulations and guidelines of the Public Procurement oversight Authority.