Policy, Strategy and Planning Division

Mrs. Alice Kiarie Director Policy, Strategy and Planning          Mrs. Alice Kiarie
Director Policy, Strategy and Planning

Under the Deputy Chief Economist, shall be responsible for performance contracting, interpretation of Planning policies, budget, monitoring and evaluation and, Youth and Women Empowerment. It shall also coordinate the formulation of the next circle Ministerial Strategic plan. The functions include:

  1. Co-ordination of all planning work in liaison with relevant Government Ministries and Departments;
  2. Co-ordination of the activities of the MTEF/MPER and annual budget, and any other National Defence programmes and projects;
  3. Collection and quantitative and qualitative data, analyse and produce quarterly analytical reports to give guidance on the process towards the achievement of set performance targets to inform decision.
  4. Co-ordination of Performance Contracting, Ministerial Strategic Plan, and Ministerial Work Plans which will facilitate improved performance.
  5. Liaison with the relevant Ministries on matters of East African Community (EAC) and the EAC Secretariat and produce analytical reports for decision making and inventory.
  6. Co-ordination of Gender and Youth mainstreaming activities to enhance equity in resource distribution thus supporting the government policy stipulated in the Second Medium Term Plan of the Kenya Vision 2030.
  7. Introduction of a research section to conduct policy research and analysis inorder to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  8. Policy Formulation and implementation.
  9. Strategic Planning, Performance Management and Monitoring
  10. Support on statutory compliance.
  11. Interpretation planning policy


Staff Member

Charles T O MuhombeCharles T O Muhombe
Principal Youth Officer