Our Core Values


To achieve its mission and Vision, the Ministry has a number of core values and beliefs namely:

  1. Apolitical: The Defence Forces will steer clear of politics and will remain steadfastly apolitical.
  2. The Civil Prerogative: The Defence Forces shall always subordinate itself to democratic Civil Authority and exemplify civility in all its dealings with the people of Kenya.
  3. Loyalty and Commitment: The Defence Forces will uphold its loyalty and commitment to the Commander – in – Chief and the people of Kenya through the chain of command.
  4. Patriotism: The staff of the Ministry of Defence shall always be patriotic to the Government and the people of Kenya.
  5. Professionalism: Service delivery will be based on the highest professional standards and will be blind to gender, ethnic, race or any other consideration.
  6. Integrity: The staff of the Ministry of Defence will carry out their duties with the highest integrity and in accordance with the laid down rules and regulations.
  7. Reliability: The Defence Forces pledges to be a reliable partner in attending to the needs of the nation, its people and the general public at large.
  8. Knowledge: The Ministry of Defence will pursue knowledge for its staff and endeavor to integrate new technology in its operations and management process.
  9. Confidentiality: The staff of the Ministry of Defence will maintain high standards of confidentiality of the data and information in its possession strictly adhering to the need to know principle.
  10. Fairness: The Ministry of Defence will ensure fairness in all its activities especially in hiring, development and discipline of personnel which will be undertaken with utmost impartiality.