Information Communications Technology (ICT)

The Information Communication Unit operates under the guidance of the Information and Communication Technology Authority (ICT Authority), a State Corporation under the Ministry of Information Communications and Technology. The parastatal, established in August 2013 comprises of three former bodies; The Kenya Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Board, the directorate of e-Government and the Government Information Technology Services (GITS) department. The formation followed the need to rationalize and streamline the management of all Government of Kenya ICT institutions. The ICT Authority shall enforce ICT standards in Government and enhance the supervision of its electronic communication under the national message, “One Government, One Voice”. (

The ICT unit’s functions derived from the ICT Authority are:

  1. Set and enforce ICT standards & guidelines for the Ministry
  2. Facilitate and regulate the design, implementation and use of ICTs Promote ICT literacy and capacity;
  3. Promote and implement e-Government services and strategy;
  4. Facilitate optimal electronic, electronic form, electronic record and equipment use
  5. Promote ICT Innovation and enterprise;
  6. Establish, develop & Maintain secure ICT Infrastructure & Systems
  7. Supervise the design, development and implementation of critical ICT Projects
  8. Develop ICT strategic, work and project plans for the Ministry
  9. Implement ICT projects based on the national e-Government strategy and in accordance with the published standards relating to the management of ICT projects in Ministry
  10. Provide technical and operational support for systems and infrastructure according to the Ministry’s regulations


Staff Members

John NdoloJohn Ndolo
ICT Officer