Human Resource Management and Development

NgothoLeonard Ngotho
Head of Human Resource Management and Development

The main mandate of the division is to develop the general and technical competences of the civilian staff through training and development programmes so that they can offer effective and efficient support service to the Kenya Defence Forces.
The division is also responsible for coordinating cross cutting capacity development initiatives geared towards better service delivery to the public by the ministry staff.

The division is therefore responsible to the Principal Secretary for the performance of the following functions;

1.    General management of the Ministry’s civilian staff training and development function.
2.    Provide guidance in the area of HRM&D to the Ministry in relation to Government Training Policies and Regulations.
3.    Identify the strategic and operational training and development needs of the Ministry.
4.    Develop training and development plans for the Ministry.
5.    Plan, design and implement demand-driven training and development programmes for individual staff and groups/cadres.
6.    Collect, collate and keep a skills inventory and training data for the Ministry.
7.    Analyse and forecast skills requirement for the Ministry and advice on succession management matters.
8.    Career planning and progression for civilian staff.
9.    Carry out monitoring and evaluation of the Ministry’s training and development programmes.

10. Provide technical advice to the Ministry on Human Resource matters.
11.    Any other function assigned by the Principal Secretary.