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The headquarters of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) is in Ulinzi House, Nairobi .

MOD is both a policy Department of State - like any other government Ministry as well as being the highest level military headquarters in Kenya providing political control of all military operations. It controls resources for the Kenya Defence Forces and civilian personnel who work closely together to deliver Kenya 's defence.

Ministry of Defence Organisation chart.


C IN C- Commander In Chief.

CDF- Chief Of Defence Forces.

VCDF -Vice Chief Of Defence Forces.

DMI -Directorate of Military Intelligence.

AIB -Audit Inspection Board.

ACDF OPD &T -Assistant Chief Of Defence Forces in Charge of Operations,Plans, Doctrine and Training.

ACDF P & L -Assistant Chief Of Defence Forces in charge of personnel and Logistics.

Comd KA -Commander Kenya Army.

Comd KAF -Commander Kenya Air Force.

Comd KN -Commander Kenya Navy

PS -Permanent Secretary.

DS - Deputy Secretary

DOA - Director of Administration

CFO -Chief Financial Officer.

PRO - Public Relations Officer

C Pr O -Chief Procurement Officer.

AD/HRM -Assistant Director/Human Resource Management.

CE -Chief Economist.


Minister of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is headed by the Cabinet Secretary for Defence who is responsible to the President and Commander in Chief for the formulation and conduct of defence policy.

The Principal Advisers

The Defence Ministry has two principal advisers: One Military, the Chief Of Defence Forces (CDF), and one civilian, the Permanent Secretary. Neither of these is subordinate to the other. They share responsibility for much of the Ministry's business, reflecting the input that both military and civilian personnel make to policy, financial, administrative and operational matters.

The CDF is the professional head of the Defence Forces and the principal military adviser to the Minister and the C in C. As the Government's principal civilian adviser on Defence, the Permanent Secretary has primary responsibility for policy, finance and administration in the Ministry. As MOD's Principal Accounting Officer, the Permanent Secretary is also personally accountable to Parliament for the expenditure of all public money provided for defence purposes.

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