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Operation Kinga Maisha was officially closed on 22 June 2011 by Prof. George Saitoti, Minister of Internal Security, who was accompanied by the chairperson of the Parliamentary select Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations Hon. Aden Keynan and other members of the committee.
Addressing the residents of Olemaroroi in Ngong area, at the close of the exercise, the Minister urged them to keep the firm teachings and directions instilled by the military so as to avoid any incidents in the future. He further congratulated the Kenya Defence Forces for steering the clearance exercise and the professionalism they had conducted themselves with throughout.
The 40 days operation was officially launched in the Ngong area on 11 th May 2011 under the command of Brigadier George Owinow of Engineers Brigade. The Operation has been successful in the clearance of the ordinance in the area and so far the total area covered was 8.9 kilometers and the total number of ammunition collected was 134. A clearance certificate was presented to the area District Commissioner Mr Mwangi Kahuro evidence that area was free from any unexploded ordinance.
Other Committee members present at the event were Hon Benedict Bondo Ngunda, MP Bahari constituency, Hon Charles Kilonzo, MP Yatta and Hon George Nyamwea, Nominated MP.

Task force commander Brig George Owino briefs (From right) Hon Charles Kilonzo, Parliamentary Select Committee on Defence Chairman Adan Keynan, Internal Security Minister Hon George Saitoti and Hon Benedict Gunda during the official closure of Operation Kinga Maisha at Olemaroroi, Ngong on 22 June 2011.

Capt Arthur Angiela shows various types of explosives used in the sensitization programme to the Internal Security Minister Hon George Saitoti and members of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defence during the closure of the Operation Kinga Maisha at Ole Maroroi Ngong area, on 22 June 2011. .

Task Force Commander Brig George Owino presents a Certificate of Clearance to Kajiado North District Commissioner Mr. Mwangi Kahuro in the presence of internal security Minister Prof George Saitoti, members of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defence and Foreign Affairs and the residents of Ole Maroroi, Ngong Area, on 22 June, 2011.

Cpl George Kirathe displays one of the methods used to detect unexploded ordinance at Ole Maroroi Ngong area, on 22 June 2011.

Brig George Owino points to one of the projectile carriers collected during the Operation Kinga Maisha,Looking on are Hon Adan Keynan, Prof George Saitoti, Hon Charles Kilonzo among others during closure of the operation at Ole Maroroi Ngong on 22-6-2011.

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