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The Kenya Navy marked a historical event on 29th August 2012 as they hosted the reception ceremony of the Kenya Navy Ship Jasiri.

The  Chief of the Defence Forces was accompanied by Kenya Navy Commander Maj General  Ngewa Mukala, The Kenya Air Force Commander Maj-Gen Joff Otieno and Lt Gen J.K. Kasaon, The Army Commander, also in attendance were the parliamentary committee in defence and foreign relations. The Minister of Defence Hon. Yusuf Haji also graced the occasion briefly before leaving to address a parliamentary seating.

The CDF who was also the chief guest while addressing her crew commended them for their safe return and for sailing the ship safely to Mkunguni, he acknowledged that this was an affirmation of their professionalism, integrity and nationalism. The CDF stated that the acquisition of the Kenya Navy Ship Jasiri is in line with modernizing and improving the capability of the Kenya Defence Forces. The process of modernization comes at a great cost and sacrifice and this has been achieved by the understanding that for the military to properly safeguard our territorial border there is need to have equipment capable of dealing with the existing security threats.

The CDF reiterated that the new ship should send a warning to our enemies along our waters that the quantum of force was now extra hitherto the operational activities of the Kenya Navy Umoja and Nyayo.

Naval officers and soldiers expressed jubilation upon the safe return of the ship and its crew members who have been away for more than 9 months training on how to steer the ship.

CDF signs guest book aboard KNS Jasiri.

The commanding officer and CDF explain to the parliamentary committee for Defence and foreign relations.

Group photo of KNS Jasiri crew members, the CDF,Commander Kenya Army,Commander Kenya Airforce, Commander Kenya Navy .

CDF addresses the crew of KNS Jasiri.

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