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1. The Ministry of Defence is comprised of the Kenya Army, the Kenya Air Force, the Kenya Navy, the Armed Forces Constabulary and the Civilian Staff.


2. The mandate of the Ministry is derived from Article 241: 1 (a), (b) and (c) and the Kenya Defence Forces Act No. 25 of 2012.


3. To defend and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic, assist and cooperate with other authorities in situations of emergency or disaster and restore peace in any part of Kenya affected by unrest or instability as assigned.


4. A premier, credible and mission capable force deeply rooted in professionalism.


5. The Ministry of Defence is committed to defending the people of the Republic of Kenya and their property against external aggression and also provides support to the Civil Authority.

This service Charter is a commitment by the Ministry of Defence to render efficient and effective services to the citizenry and the stakeholders.

Our Clients

6. The citizens of the Republic of Kenya are the main clients of the Ministry of Defence. Other clients include:

  • Government ministries and departments
  • Other Security Agencies in the country
  • Suppliers of goods and services
  • Ministries Staff
  • National Parliament (The National Assembly and Senate)
  • The International Community
  • Media

Core Values

7. To achieve its mission and Vision, the Ministry has a number of core values and beliefs namely:

  • Apolitical: The Defence Forces will steer clear of politics and will remain steadfastly apolitical.
  • The Civil Prerogative: The Defence Forces shall always subordinate itself to democratic Civil Authority and exemplify civility in all its dealings with the people of Kenya.
  • Loyalty and Commitment: The Defence Forces will uphold its loyalty and commitment to the Commander – in – Chief and the people of Kenya through the chain of command.
  • Patriotism: The staff of the Ministry of Defence shall always be patriotic to the Government and the people of Kenya.
  • Professionalism: Service delivery will be based on the highest professional standards and will be blind to gender, ethnic, race or any other consideration.
  • Integrity: The staff of the Ministry of Defence will carry out their duties with the highest integrity and in accordance with the laid down rules and regulations.
  • Reliability: The Defence Forces pledges to be a reliable partner in attending to the needs of the nation, its people and the general public at large.
  • Knowledge: The Ministry of Defence will pursue knowledge for its staff and endeavor to integrate new technology in its operations and management process.
  • Confidentiality: The staff of the Ministry of Defence will maintain high standards of confidentiality of the data and information in its possession strictly adhering to the need to know principle.
  • Fairness: The Ministry of Defence will ensure fairness in all its activities especially in hiring, development and discipline of personnel which will be undertaken with utmost impartiality.


Ministry Obligation to Citizens

8. The ministry of Defence provides public good in a way of collective security. Our commitment is to offer this service promptly and unreservedly.

9. The Ministry of Defence will render services without any discrimination regardless of one’s race, ethnic background, religion, gender, and status or otherwise.

10. Recruitment process into the Ministry will be conducted in a transparent manner, strictly in accordance with merit and stated eligibility, criteria as advertised I both the print and the electronic media.

11. Procurement of goods and services by the Ministry including disposal of assets will be transparent and in accordance with the law, procedures and regulations. The Ministry will also comply with the 30 percent presidential directive of the Ministry’s procurement budget for the youth, women and disabled.

12. The Ministry will only pay for goods received and services rendered in accordance with our contractual obligations.

13. The Ministry pledges to effect payments for goods and services rendered within 30 days of receipt of legitimate bills and invoices and convey the same to the merchants and suppliers by the quickest means possible.

Clients Rights and Obligations

14. Your rights and obligations as our clients are:

  • Defence services are free but whenever the fee is payable, an official receipt will be issued.
  • It is your right to receive a response to a written enquiry within 14 days, orally within 10 minutes and telephone within 3 rings
  • It is your right to be heard expeditiously and for your concerns to be attended to in the shortest time possible.
  • It is your right to demand for timely and quality services
  • You are expected to desist from any acts of corruption, fraud, fitina (mis-information) or any other undesirable conducts, failure to which punitive action may be taken against you in accordance with the law.


Feedback Mechanism

15. Any feedback, suggestions or concerns should be forwarded to :

Telephone Number: 2721100
Telephone/Fax Number: 2720663
Email: publicaffairs@mod.go.ke
Website: www.mod.go.ke


16.All written correspondence should be addressed to:

The Principal Secretary
Ministry of Defence
Ulinzi House
Lenana Road
P.O Box 40668-00100
Fax: 2737322

Chief of the Defence Forces
Defence Headquarters
Ulinzi House
Lenana Road
P.O Box 40668-00100

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