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The Mandate of the Ministry of Defence is to defend the Republic of Kenya from external aggression and provide support to civil power in the restoration of order. This calls for commitment, patriotism and loyalty from all its employees. Each of us contributes to the Ministry's success in unique ways, but we share a collective responsibility to do the right thing and behave ethically at all times.

In order to fulfill our mandate, we need to adhere to our core values as spelt out in the Ministry's Service Charter. It is imperative that, as we do so, we continue to uphold the Ministry's commitment: put customers first, act with integrity, embrace professionalism, be accountable and raise our standards of performance. Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We must be honest, upfront and take responsibility of our actions in order to cultivate trust as a foundation of our relationships with our customers.

The Ministry of Defence's Code of Conduct therefore is the code by which we put those values into practice. It is not merely a set of rules for specific circumstances but an intentionally expansive statement of principles meant to inform all our actions; we expect all our employees to study these principles and apply them to any and all circumstances which may arise.

I am proud that we are respected as a government agency that not only delivers great performance to the people of Kenya , but also adheres to high ethical standards and contributes to the well-being of the citizenry.

I urge you to study this document thoroughly and discuss it with your co-workers. Of course, the Code cannot address every situation, and issues will continue to evolve as we embrace reforms. When necessary, you can and should seek assistance and discuss concerns with your supervisor, Integrity Assurance Office and/or the Public Relations Office.

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