The Army extends a comprehensive welfare package to the families of the service personnel. In this regard, the Army has continuously committed elaborate funding and sponsorship towards enhancing facilities in the general education sector. This sponsorship covers pre-School institutions and eleven fully fledged public primary schools, located within the Army establishment. Kahawa Garrison Secondary School is under the Army sponsorship. Additional welfare services in the Army units focus on the provision of well-established VCT centres. Scouts and other extra curriculum activities are also encouraged for children living in the Military Camps.


Spiritual nourishment for the personnel of the Kenya Army is provided for by the Chaplaincy services. The Chaplaincy service has qualified Priest and Imams who are serving Officers of the Kenya Army seconded by their relevant religious organizations.

In addition to the normal prayer services offered by chaplaincy services to Christian personnel and their families on Sunday and Muslim personnel and their families on Fridays, Padre hours are also provided for.

The contribution of the Chaplaincy services in moulding responsible and disciplined officers, men and women of the Kenya Army need not be over emphasized.

Scouts/Children issues

Kenya Army and our children are indeed inseparable. We believe our future is mirrored in our children. Best performing students in Army Schools are offered rewards and sponsorship. Scouts and other extra curriculum activities are encouraged for our children. Below is the Kahawa Garrison Commander inspecting Boy scouts and girl guides. Read more


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