Moi Forces Academy, Mombasa is a three streamed Mixed Day Secondary School located on a 10 acre piece of land in the Kenya Naval Base Mtongwe, Mombasa. Just like the other sister schools, Moi Forces Academy Mombasa admits 80% of the students from the Defence Forces and 20% from civilian population. This is because the school is sponsored by the Kenya Navy.

The school was started in the year 2000 by the retired President of Kenya, Daniel Toroitich arap Moi after a successful meeting with the then Navy Commander , Major General (Retired) Rafrouf, in August 2000. The following year, the school opened its doors for the first form one admission. At the time of inception, the school had a teaching staff of only sixteen teachers from which two were the Head Teacher and the Deputy Head Teacher, respectively. In addition, the school recorded a paltry forty students who formed only one class.

However, over the five years, the school has witnessed a tremendous growth. Currently the school has a student population of 470 students. There are now twenty Teachers Service Commissioned teachers and three employed by the Board of Governors, all totaling to twenty-five teachers. This is because the sponsor has provided two personnel to aid in teaching of mathematics and computer studies . There are seven non-teaching staff, including one provided by the sponsor.

There are seven fully operational and adequately staffed Departments, which coordinate learning and other co-curricular activities around the school. These Departments are Language Department, Science Department, Humanities, Technical, Guidance & Counseling and Exams & Games Departments.

Though relatively young, the school is endowed with various facilities. It has adequate, fully equipped and furnished classrooms, a number of playing grounds, a Biology and Chemistry Laboratory, a Home science Laboratory, a Computer Laboratory, a Conference Room, a fully equipped Library and a temporary Dining Hall.

The school also plans for future expansion programs in the area of girls and boys boarding, staff houses and other facilities necessary for learning in the school.

The school motto is "Self Discipline for Excellence". With the continued support of the sponsor, the school aims to produce diligent, productive and resourceful Kenyan citizens well versed in all fields of study. To achieve this aim the school has provided a wide spectrum of learning subjects and also introduced the latest programmes in computer studies.


The idea of starting a school within the Navy was mooted in the early 1980's to reduce cost of transporting children to various schools in Mombasa town. Officers were also concerned about the security of the children as well as their welfare and comfort considering that the schools in town did not have lunch programmes. It was therefore decided to start a kindergarten in one of the old buildings in the Mtongwe Base as land was being sought for the construction of a full Primary School and a Secondary School. A Committee was formed to source 15 acres of land for the whole project.

By October 1983, a new three-classroom block was ready for occupation. Donations from well wishers and various messes made this possible. In January 1984, the Defence Forces Canteen Organisation (AFCO) extended its contribution to the project. This saw the beginning of Phase I of the multi-million storey building currently occupied by the Primary School.

The building was completed by the end of the same year (1984). It comprised of eight single stream classrooms, a library, a store, a staff room, the headmaster's office, secretary's office and a lounge.

In 1985, the first pupils of the Navy Personnel were admitted from all over Mombasa to occupy Standard one to six. Twenty percent of the population were civilian children although some children from the Navy Base missed places in the school. This caused the committee to embark on the construction of Phase II. The construction work thus began in early 1988, and was completed by the end of the same year, so that it became a double stream school.

In mid 1987, the building of a workshop to support the 8-4-4 Programme was started and completed in early 1988. It housed one Home Science room and a Crafts room. The Workshop was fully equipped with equipment donated by Vosper Thorncroft (UK) Ltd.

The Navy Department in liaison with the Ministry of Education ensured that there was cohesive teaching through a teamwork programme. This saw the School putting up a candid performance in its first Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) which was done in 1988. The school emerged third overall in the Coast Province and was second overall in Mombasa District. The 31 pupils who sat the exams were admitted to the recognized government secondary schools.

The school serves children from generally middle class society in Kenya and so both the learning and physical atmosphere should envisage this realization. Funding for learning facilities has become possible as the government has ploughed money into the school to maintain and develop these facilities. This is directly due to the government policy of free primary education programme .

Presently the school has a total population of 658 children in the Primary wing and 128 in the Nursery wing .

Each stream has an average of 43 pupils. The School's Management Committee has consistently tried to retain this low enrolment despite the huge demand. This means that quality teaching has been maintained.

The School Board of Governors has ambitious programmes for the children to motivate their learning. These include:-

  •   Annual prize giving
  •   Construction of hostels for class seven and class eight
  •   Swimming competitions
  •   Educational tours
  •   Feeding programmes and
  •   Staff housing

The school participates in co-curricular activities and has always performed excellently up to National level at both single and group entries at the Kenya National Music Festivals in Nairobi. The school is also active in sports.

The Board also intended to revive stalled programmes which are income generating, for example the fish pond, poultry keeping for eggs and meat, dairy cattle and guinea pigs rearing.

In this age of information technology, the school is computerized with modern computer laboratory with full facilities. The onus is on parents, teachers and the committee to connect the school globally through the internet so as to allow free flow of information.

The school has fourteen teachers employed by the Teachers Service

Commission (TSC), though a shortfall is still evident. The Kenya Navy Mtongwe Base has seconded a Secretary and Sanitary Orderly to the school and hired a Librarian and a messenger on casual basis.

The school is a wonderful masterpiece of human art and shall equally remain an excellent masterpiece of human training in academic circles. "By putting into practice the new curricula that applies the 8-4-4 system inaugurated in 1985, the school has achieved the well-deserved acknowledgement of the educational community, a fact that not only provides incentives to its teacher but also to its parents and students".
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